About Us

Company Overview

Established in 2014 by a group of former children, Kids Trove is a delightful source for toys and learning tools that

complement parents and teachers’ efforts while educating and entertaining the little ones.


Our inventory contains a wide range of playthings, starting from conventional toy sets and puzzles and all the way

to educational panels and art easels.


We also help equip schools with necessary furnishings like activity centers, stylish storage units and desks, and

classroom resources. Through these, not only will the kids’ learning experience be fun, but ‘hate school’ will be a

thing of the past.



Our Roots

Kids Trove started its operations early in 2014 to allow the inner children of its founders to share their toys with

toddlers and school-going kids. By continually researching what kids enjoy and what they like most about school,

we have come up with an extensive collection that will educate and entertain children at both home and their



Each of the products you see is from a reliable source that has certifications proving the safety of their products.

Even then that isn’t enough; because we aim to please both parents and children, we go the extra mile and

research every product by thoroughly checking customer reviews, conducting surveys, and evaluating experts’



In short, expect nothing but the best!



Our Mission

Through our extensive collection of toys and educational tools, we intend to help parents engage their children in

educational activities before and after they join preschool. That way, they can develop their motor skills and have

fun the traditional way.


Kids Trove also aims at becoming part of schools across the globe, entertaining children as they learn at their

respective classrooms. Be it by providing comfortable seating or fun and highly informative classroom resources,

we want to be there for every school-going child and ensure that they fall in love with school.  



Our Commitments

From Day One, we have vowed to abide by the following commitments, built our decisions according to them, and

drilled them into our employees to guarantee the children and you only the best.


  • Children Come First – All of the toys and educational tools need to be children-friendly, safe, fun and 

    highly educational.

  • Quality is a Must – Quality should never be compromised regardless of price. The higher the quality is,

    the more value we offer both children and their parents or teachers.

  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed – While our end customer is your child, we promise to do whatever

    it takes to ensure your satisfaction, be it through price discounts or new additions.



Kids Trove in the Future

As part of our vision, Kids Trove sees itself in every home and school across the world. We aim to be the first stop

for every parent and educator in need for the best toy to entertain their little ones while teaching them soft and

technical skills. That way, every young customer of ours can grow into an independent, intelligent individual who

pays back to their own community.